Daniel has been playing sax for over 20 years. The first time he saw one was at church at 11 years old, and he was immediately fascinated by it. “I want to do THAT!”, he informed his parents, who were less than enthralled given his history of picking up new hobbies and dropping them just as quickly. However, eventually, they agreed and bought him his first saxophone for his next birthday. He stayed up all night playing it.

But…he was horrible.

 Fortunately, that changed! When his Mom saw his dedication, she prayed for God to help him. It was clear to everyone’s ears that some divine intervention would be welcome! He answered her prayers, and the very next day Daniel experienced a transformation, unlike anything he had experienced before. Suddenly he was able to see and hear the notes and truly feel the music. It was an instant connection that’s never gone away; an outlet for emotions that can’t be matched.



“That’s what I love most about music,” he says. “It evokes so many emotions and is often tied to memories as well. It has the power to change a person’s mood or attitude. When done right, it’s deeply fulfilling for both my audience and me.”

It can also bring some awesome opportunities! After playing in various jazz ensembles in high school and beyond, Saxman was invited to open for Yolanda Adams at Bethune-Cookman University in 2009 and has traveled overseas spreading love through his music.

When he’s not playing at local events or serving at his church (both his parents are pastors), he enjoys spending time with his lovely bride Kyara, an elementary school teacher and praise dancer.

Daniel loves jazz, gospel, R & B, and even country every now and again! He prides himself on being a pretty well-rounded musician, and is eager to provide the best musical experience for his audience!